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Downtown Seattle Nightlife

So Social

Where Seattle Nightlife Begins

Enticing events in Seattle

Combine camaraderie, good company, and the pleasure of a just-right libation and you’ve got our daily social hour. Suffice to say this is the place to be at 5 o’clock in Belltown, and that’s saying something given that there’s no shortage of great sipping spots in the area. We have lots of local partnerships so that we can pour local whenever possible. Enjoy craft whiskeys and bourbons, area spirits, small-batch beers, and hand-selected wines while tapping into the nostalgia of Seattle’s music scene. As featured in Reader’s Digest, you will be surrounded by portraits of Seattle music icons, like Dave Matthews and Hendrix, and other musicians featured on the hotels ever-popular celebrity pillows.

After you’ve kicked off your evening in our lobby, take advantage of the eclectic mix of Seattle bars, theaters, restaurants, and iconic live music venues our Belltown location brings you. Discover what’s happening nearby, next: